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Joke's Rating: 6.71
Added: 12/15/2003
"What's the story here?"
One day a man walked into a restaurant and noticed a horse next to the bar with a bucket full of money under his nose.

The man got his beer, and asked the bartender, "What's the story here?" The bartender replied, "If you can make the horse laugh, you can have all the money."

The man thought for a minute, and then asked if he could whisper something in the horse's ear. The bartender agreed. The man whispered into the horse's ear and right away the horse was roaring with laughter. The man gathers up all the money and leaves the bar.

A few weeks later, he returns to the same bar and the same horse is there with an even bigger bucket full of money. He asked the bartender, "What's the story now?" The bartender explained that if he could make the horse cry, he could have all the money.

The man asks if he can take the horse out behind the bar. The bartender agrees, and the man leads the horse out back. Pretty soon, the horse is bawling and bawling. The man walks back into the bar and starts to collect all the money.

"Wait!" the bartender says, "How did you do that? First, you made the horse laugh and then you made his cry."

"That was easy!" the man said, "First I told him I had one bigger than his, and the next time I took him out and showed him!"

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