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Santa's helper ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Santa's Helper, Little Bear.
What did I do wrong? ( Submitted by: Unknown )
This is Mr. Ruckuss, he lives up to his name. "What did I do wrong now?"
Baby Cinnamon ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Our dog is 6 months old. She is part Chihuahua and something else. The unique thing about our dog is her ears. One ear stands up and the other one..more
Yorkie Teddy Xmas photo ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Teddy is my little Yorkie and he is my everything. He is just to cute. I love him like crazy. He has brought a lot of joy into my Life.
Beagle Chesney in class ( Submitted by: Unknown )
This is my 3 month old beagle Chesney. This picture is so funny to me because I am a teacher and am constantly telling my students to raise their..more
Boogie Bear, Mexican style ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Boogie Bear is a 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier and the love of our lives. This photo was taken on a trip to the Mexican border. Boogie goes everywhere with..more
First grooming ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Baby Penny's first grooming..
Woke me up ( Submitted by: Unknown )
You woke me up for this?
Who farted? ( Submitted by: Unknown )
Hey, who farted, Im getting outta here!
Halloween Cami ( Submitted by: Unknown )
This is my baby girl Cami. She is a Jack Russell and was 4 months old in this picture (Oct 04). She is dressed up for Halloween. She is just the best..more
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