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Ziggy ( Submitted by: martine schotte )
Ziggy, my 1 year old havanese
Visitor Comments
Visitor CommentPosted by martine on 12/16/2005:
"sharron, havanese originate from cuba, they belong to the same bichon family as the maltese and bichon frise, come in every colour, except blue and green!!"
Visitor CommentPosted by Sharron on 12/14/2005:
"Very cute dog. I've never seen a havenese before. What's the story on this breed?"
Visitor CommentPosted by anna on 12/06/2005:
"what a darling !!!! he's gorgeous !!!!!"
Visitor CommentPosted by Amy on 11/23/2005:
"Ziggy is so cute, and looks so sweet as well!"
Visitor CommentPosted by Samantha on 11/23/2005:
"Awww such a pretty dog,,,,looks so smart and sweet!!"
Visitor CommentPosted by Michelle on 11/23/2005:
"What a sweet face!!!"
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