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Doobie dancing - Added: 11/23/2005

Doobie dancing
“This is a my dog Doobie dancing with the next door neighbors cat.” - Adam

Visitor Comments
Visitor CommentPosted by Sharron on 12/14/2005:
"There's more to this photo than dancing!"
Visitor CommentPosted by logan smart on 12/01/2005:
"this is adorable my cat wont even get on four feet i made up a song for it to the grinch song it goes
she is a fat cat mr.grinch she barely moves an inch her tummy is full of blubber she looks like a bigger flubber mr. grinch i couldn't pick her up if i had all the muscle in the world mr. grinch lol well thx for listenin"
Visitor CommentPosted by jon doea on 11/26/2005:
"they look hilarious they should get a room"
Visitor CommentPosted by Linda Wilson on 11/23/2005:
"That is so cute, just like they are dancing and hugging. Really neat picture."
Visitor CommentPosted by Katie on 11/23/2005:
"They're so cute!! Maybe they could go the prom together!!"
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