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Santa Lou ( Submitted by: Sam )
This is my beagle dog Lou. He is full of Christmas spirit in this picture...he is wearing a santa hat! How adorable??! well I love him so much and I..more
Ever lost your soul mate? ( Submitted by: laurenella )
Have you ever lost your soul mate, who happens to be a jack russell terrier, and simply cannot bear it?
Cry Baby on duty ( Submitted by: Beverly )
I'm going to catch that mouse, can't let him get in the Christmas tree. Cry Baby on duty.
Taking pictures wears me out ( Submitted by: tifanie perry )
This picture taking stuff wears me out!
Meisha begging for food ( Submitted by: ume )
Meisha begging for food, trying to look cute in the mean time.
Bootsie and friend Hampton ( Submitted by: Susan )
Hello everyone! This is a picture of my Bootsie (siamese) and his favorite friend Hampton! Boo has left us now 4 weeks ago, and is greatly missed!..more
Can I have my Christmas treats? ( Submitted by: Tifanie Perry )
Ok Mommy, I've been good - Can I have my Christmas treats now?
Monty and Chip ( Submitted by: Anne )
Heres Monty our adorable Swiss Mountain dog and Chip our cute poodle. My husband is deployed and wanted a festive picture to remind him of home.....more
Frieda loves her mat ( Submitted by: julie rawls )
My cousins cat Frieda.... she loves her mat to sleep on and lay in the sunshine to keep warm. She likes her mat the best better than her toys...
Bootsie in the Christmas tree ( Submitted by: Donna B )
Our new kitten Bootsie won't stay out of our Christmas tree
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