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Willie watching the birds - Added: 09/12/2006

Willie watching the birds
“Here is Willie doing one of his favorite things...watching the baby parakeets and he has plenty of them to watch, I now have 20 babies and with Mom and Dad that makes 22 so Willie has a full time job!” - Suzette

Visitor Comments
Visitor CommentPosted by Tammy on 09/17/2006:
"I bet he is trying to figure out how all those little noise makers got in there, and what in the world they are doing! My dog could care less about our birds, but Max, our cat, seems very interested! Have to keep an eye on that one."
Visitor CommentPosted by Michelle Able on 09/14/2006:
"What a good guardian!"
Visitor CommentPosted by Kitty on 09/13/2006:
Visitor CommentPosted by Aw... on 09/12/2006:
"He looks like a sweetie pie!
Visitor CommentPosted by Becky on 09/12/2006:
"Very cute! I have a dog that loves to watch the kittens that our Momma Cat has! They seem to really love being involved!:)"
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